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NEWS for OCT 22 – National Reptile Awareness Day

Oct. 19, 2018
Holly Deyo

BELLA UPDATE OCT. 19: This may be our last update as Bella is doing so very well. Her red blood cell count today was at an excellent 146 (140-155 is normal). The other test they performed was a liver check, which read high due to the steroids. Instead of the 11 and 12 pills she was initially prescribed, she's now down to 2 and 3. (Every other day she takes an extra one.) Bella was first prescribed 3 Prednisone tabs a day and now it's just 1-1/2. Since everything is looking so good, she won't see Dr. McPherson again for 2 weeks.

One funny thing happened while at the clinic. First let us share that Prednisone makes both people and pets absolutely ravenous and thirsty. She literally drinks a gallon of water a day now when it used to be about 1/3 of that. Animals don't develop the moon-face that people often do and that my mom did when she had to take it. However, people can take themselves to the bathroom. For Bella, there have been days when she's had to go outside 5 times in a hour and a half. She also can't wait to eat.

PHOTO: Bella is just being her girly self scratching her back in the yard and thinking life is good again.

At 6 in the morning we give Bella her meds in a nitrate/nitrite-free hotdog that she wolfs down. By their 11:30 lunch, she's ready to eat paint off the walls. So this morning she had her 1/2 hotdog and at 10:30 we set off for Colorado Springs. We arrived right when she would normally be having lunch, which was now going to be 2-1/2 hours late.

About noon, Vet Tech Aly took her for a blood draw and she came back with Bella in tow laughing so hard a huge grin split her face. What was up? In order to distract animals during these tests they give them a piece of sliced turkey. When Aly brought out the container, Bella apparently bypassed the "piece" and dove for the bucket. Aly said Bella plunged her face right in and helped herself.

We were a bit horrified, but they thought it was funny. Bella is extraordinarily affectionate kissing all staff members alike from the receptionists through the veterinarians so I guess they overlooked her bad behavior. Pre-predisone days Bella was always a finicky eater. Now, everything not nailed down is at risk.

Last weekend I had peeled a cupcake liner from a muffin and tossed it into the trash. Dashing around the kitchen intent on making Stan's breakfast I didn't think much about it. The trash bucket sat out from under the sink by the stove waiting for egg shells to be tossed in. I turned my back for maybe 10 seconds and Bella had fished out the muffin wrapper and proceeded to munch through the paper. Even though it had bits of muffin stuck to it, eating paper probably wasn't the best idea. On my knees, I had to pry her jaws apart while she rolled her eyes in protest to extract the muffin wrapper.

We'll be so glad when Bella's off the Prednisone so her eating and bathroom patterns are back to normal! As it stand nows, Bella will be on the Prednisone maybe for a couple of months more. Dunno for sure, but the Azathioprine she will likely be on permanently. Dr. McPherson said today, "it's such a terrible disease that we don't want to risk a relapse." He went on to say that dogs who contract autoimmune disease have only a 50-50 chance of survival. So Bella was a very lucky, no blessed, little dog – and so were her parents.

NATION WILL RISE AGAINST NATION Mark 13:8 and Matthew 24:7
Former Intelligence Chief: Iran Is Forming Missile Plants in Lebanon

Trump: US to Exit Nuclear Treaty, Citing Russian Violations

Israel Warns It’s About to ‘Change the Game’ in Gaza
Liberman Vows Tough Response in Gaza, Says ‘No Choice But War’

SHOCKER: “Moderate” Jordan Pulls Out of Peace Treaty with Israel
Israeli Tanks Mass Along The Border as War Between Israel and Hamas Appears to Be Imminent

Russia's Support to Syria Spurs Iran to Up Weapons Delivery to Hezbollah

3 Earthquakes Measuring Between 6.5 and 6.8 Hit Off Vancouver Island

Hurricane Willa Now Category 4 Storm, Nearing 5, Off Mexico's Pacific Coast

Earth's Magnetic Field Impacts Climate: Danish Study

Tropical Storm Yutu May Become Next West Pacific Typhoon Near Guam
Tommy Robinson 'Expects Jail for Contempt' and Received 'Massive Payday' from £2M Public Donations When He Was Last Locked up

AMAZING! Over 100,000 RSVPs for Houston Trump Rally with Ted Cruze – Tailgater Set Up Outside to Accommodate Massive Crowd

HUGE! Blocks Long Line of Supporters Camp Out Overnight for Trump Houston #MAGA Rally With Ted Cruz; Outdoor Tailgate Party Started at 9 AM!

POLL: Trump Approval Up, Republicans Leading On Most ‘Important’ Issue

Trump's Approval Now Better Than Obama's Was At First Mid Term Election
The Caravan and Its Organizers Are a Test Case for President Trump, With a Defiant Message That They'll Cross the U.S. Border Any Time They Like, Immigration Laws Be Damned

Man Steps Forward with Sexual Assault Allegations against Sen. Cory Booker — With Lawyer’s Response to Gateway Pundit

Owing Millions to IRS, Creepy Porn Lawyer Avenatti Lived Like a King, Report
Beto O’Rourke Supporters Can’t Name Any Of His Accomplishments

Democrats Peddle ‘False Narrative’ on Republican Health Care Views, Says Tillis – GOP WILL Cover Pre-Existing Conditions
Officials: 75,000 ObamaCare Consumers Affected by Data Breach
American Women Can Now Get Abortions by Mail
'Gosnell' Dropped from Many Theaters Despite Incredible Box Office Performance

Will Flu Vaccines Work Better in 2019?

The Emptiness of the Sexual Revolution
Migrant Caravan Mob Explodes as Up to 10,000 as Immigrants Forge Unique Challenge for US, Mexico

In Case You Aren’t Worried Yet, This Is Who Is Leading the Caravan – HOLLY NOTE: Want To come to America carrying your Honduran flag? Really? Two Things: When people come here illegally and remain in the shadows, they are less likely to assimilate, learn English and our values. Instead they set up little Mexicos, little Hondurases, little Guatemalas, little El Salvadors.

Our country is fractured by those who choose not to fit in, but are willing to take advantage of our nation's wealth and benefits. Already American kids receive 50% LESS education than people 35 and older did because everything has to be taught in English and then taught a second time in Spanish. This effectively cuts time spent on new material in half.

Second Point: We don't care 2 whits that they are people of color. However, illegals overwhelmingly vote liberal, which is changing our nation from a less God-centered country and one increasingly embracing socialism.
…Caravaners 'Openly Looking to Democrats to Help Them Get into the U.S.'

Caravan Marchers Say the USA Has To Take Them In Because It’s Our Fault Their Countries Are Hellholes
RGV Texas Border Patrol Chief Begs for Help Before Caravan Hits as Over 12,000 Illegals Caught in Last 3 Weeks in Rio Grande Valley; 700 Caught Saturday
LEGAL Immigrant Calls Caravan an 'Act of War' Against the US

You Can’t Even Walk, There’s Just So Many People'…

Growing Invasion Force Overwhelms Mexican Authorities
Steve King: Men from 'Most Violent Countries in World' Are 'Invading' U.S.

Trump: 'Onslaught of Illegal Aliens' Represents 'Disgrace' to the Dems
Elizabeth Warren Says ICE ‘Not Making Us Safer’ After Agency Seized Enough Fentanyl to Kill 5 Million Americans
This Illegal Alien and Her Buggy Full of Babies Will Cost US Taxpayers Over Half a Million Dollars By Time They Graduate (IF They Even Graduate from High School)

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