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After the Storm: Dangerous Stretch of Subzero Temps to Grip Northeast

Real Time Wind Chill

2 Dead, Damage Apparent in Roads and Buildings After 6.7 Earthquake Hits Chile

Anxiety in Alaska as Endless Aftershocks Rattle Residents
Damage from EF2 Tornado Reported in Wetumpka, Alabama

Tornado Damages Florida Air Base Hit By Hurricane
Judge: California’s Recent Wildfires Were Caused By PG&E Negligence…Not ‘Climate Change’

PG&E Bankruptcy From Calif. Wildfires Could Mean Price Hikes, Unpaid Fire Lawsuits
Difference Between Snow, Sleet, Freezing Rain, Graupel (Snow Pellets), and Hail
What Became of MLK’s Dream?

Push for 'Otto Warmbier Way' Outside North Korea’s UN Mission Picks Up Steam

Dueling MLK Day Parades Divide Houston
University of Georgia TA: ‘Some White People May Have to Die’ for Blacks to Advance – HOLLY NOTE: Bet Martin Luther King would be disappointed in this man.

Women's March Protesters Call For Trump to 'Drop Dead,' His Children to Be Caged
Bill to ABOLISH IRS Enters Congress
Related: See H.R.25 - FairTax Act of 2019 – HOLLY NOTE: This has to mean that they're eyeing a VAT – Value Added Tax system again. This is a nightmare beyond description, especially crippling small businesses with endless paperwork. We lived under this in Australia and while abolishing IRS sounds like happy times, there are no free rides and this is one of the best examples.
Forget the Trade War. China Is Already in Crisis
Yellow Vests Battle Tear Gas And Aggressive Riot Cops During 10th Week Of Chaotic Protests
A Letter From Zimbabwe Where The Country Is In Total Shutdown
Facing Populist Assault, Global Elites Regroup in Davos

Syria's War: Large Explosion Rocks Capital Damascus
Pence Slams BuzzFeed 'Obsession,' Decries 'Disappointing' Pelosi Rejection of Trump Border Funding Compromise

Undeniable: DEMS Own The Government Shutdown After Refusing POTUS Trump’s DACA Deal

Trump Made Pelosi, Dems 'Look Like Fools' Last Week, MSNBC Host Admits – HOLLY NOTE: Correction! Pelosi and the Dems made themselves look like fools. Pelosi revealed her hand in the face of a generous deal Dems had previously said they wanted: open government and give DACA people a path for the next 3 years. By refusing to come to the bargaining table, Pelosi proves she doesn't give 2 rips about the 800K unpaid workers nor DREAMers. However, she is interested in hurting the President and ultimately the country. If there ever were any doubt Dems put politics before people, it's been removed.

Democrats Dismiss Trump's Political Concession, Demand More
President Trump Gets Slammed by Pelosi & Others for a Reasonable Offer
BuzzFeed Fabricator, Er Uh, Reporter, Jason Leopold, After Rebuke By Mueller, Unable To Explain Discrepancies

…Admits to 'Lying, Cheating and Backstabbing'
Trump's Path To Revolutionizing America's Courts

Conservative Heavyweights React to President Trump's DACA Offer
Gabbard Blasts Trump For Televised Proposal To End Shutdown; Says Negotiations 'Shouldn't Be Done' on TV – HOLLY NOTE: Of course not, because the American public sees what obstructionist hypocrites Democrats are. It's a replay of Pelosi's embarrassment when exposed on national TV in the Oval Office with Schumer, President Trump and VP Pence while making the same statement.

Trump Rips ‘Radical Democrat’ Pelosi: ‘So Petrified of the Lefties … She Has Lost Control’
Rep. James Clyburn: No Border-Security Negotiations Until Trump Ends Shutdown

Media Hoax: MSM Falsely Claims Catholic Students Harassed Native American

Trump's Path To Revolutionizing America's Courts

CNN And MSNBC Floated Impeachment Nearly 200 Times Over Disputed BuzzFeed Report

Dueling MLK Day Parades Divide Houston
Senators Push Bill To Guard Americans' Data After Facebook, Equifax Scandals
The Unvarnished Truth About Illegal Immigration

Border Patrol Apprehends 1,500 “Special Interest Aliens” In 2018

Smugglers Use Migrant Families to Distract Border Agents, Move Drugs Across

2019 – MORE Caravans:
First Left Honduras, January 15… Hundreds of Central American Migrants Move North Through Mexico In New Caravan

Second Left El Salvador January 16: Migrants Depart From El Salvador as New U.S.-Bound Caravan Forms
Third Left San Pedro Sula, Honduras, January 19: New Migrant Caravan Sets Out From Honduras for US

Caravan Migrants Turn Up Their Noses At Mexico's Generous Benefit
While Democrats Dither Over The Border Wall, Deadly Fentanyl Floods Our Communities
Reformers Worry DACA Work Permit Amnesty-for-Wall Funding will Encourage More Caravans
Lindsey Graham on Trump Shutdown Compromise: ‘Fantastic Proposal’ — ‘Let’s Get it Done!’

Pirro to Pelosi: ‘Are You Working for Americans or Illegals … or Is It That You Don’t Give a Damn?’

Flashback: Prominent Democrats Open to Wall for DACA Amnesty Deal

Sen. Durbin Co-Sponsored Plan To Protect Dreamers
Don Surber: They Already Have Amnesty
9 Ways To Experience The Magic Of Manuka Honey – HOLLY NOTE: One honey product Stan and I would not be without is medical-grade Medihoney. Its Antibacterial Wound Gel performs healing miracles as well as being effective against MRSA. If you choose to buy some other brand, make sure it contains Manuka honey from New Zealand. Look for "UMF" seal on the box, which indicates it contains enough Manuka to kill bacteria. We used to have to import ours from New Zealand, but you can buy it here or order Derma Sciences Medihoney from Amazon.

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