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NEWS for SEPT 20 – National Pepperoni Pizza Day

Democrats Vow Massive Tax Hikes If They Win
Israel Upgrading Nuclear Defenses, Response to Iran, Syria Threats

Hurricane Florence Heroes Saved These Animals and More

Florence Kills 5,500 Pigs And 3.4 Million Chickens - The Numbers Are Expected To Rise
Mosquitoes Are Eating Plastic. Why That's A Big Problem.
Trump: “I Want To Know, Where Is The Money for Border Security and the WALL in This Ridiculous Spending Bill”
When Did Our Immigration System Start Functioning Like a Charity to Benefit Third-World Countries Rather Than America? 'It's the Average American Citizen Who Bears the Burden'

Border Patrol Agents Discover Nearly 200 Illegal Immigrants In Remote Arizona Desert
Immigration Is Out of Control and These 7 Points Prove It

Border Wall Effort Getting Boost From US Sheriffs' Crowdfunding Site
Oakland City Council Passes ‘Abolish ICE’ Resolution

Sessions Limits U.S. Judges’ Ability To Dismiss Deportation Cases
Federal Agency Says It Lost Track Of 1,488 Migrant Children – HOLLY NOTE: But are they really 'lost'? Read this next CBS article to understand what really may be going on.
Related: Did the Federal Government Really Lose Track Of Almost 1,500 Immigrant Children?
Mike Pompeo on John Kerry: ‘Stop It. Let It Go. You Had Your Day’

Dem Leader Tells Crowd: “Vote Early And Often – Whatever You Can Get Away With. I Shouldn’t Say That, But I Really Don’t Care”
Chuck Grassley Tells Christine Blasey Ford, Democrats to Use Scheduled Hearing Or Lose Opportunity

Another Kavanaugh Classmate Denies He Was at the Party Referenced by Accuser
A Bill Clinton Accuser Cries Double Standard: ‘The Media Sat on My Story’
Texas Republicans Flip Long-Held Democratic State Senate Seat
Sessions Blames Obama-era DOJ for Chicago, Nationwide Crime Spikes

Ellison Accuser Releases 2017 Medical Document Saying She Feared ‘Retribution’
Trump: Exposing FBI Corruption Would be ‘a Crowning Achievement’
Are We On The Verge Of Civil War?

The Deep State Unmasked: Federal Employee Admits to Breaking Rules Every Day
Hezbollah Chief Warns Israel To Stop Syria Airstrikes

Dow Hits Record, Surpassing January Level, As Apple Rises And Trade-War Fears Simmer Down

Trump Blasts OPEC, Sending Oil Prices Lower: ‘Monopoly Must Get Prices Down Now’
Billionaire Ken Langone: 'This Economy Is Booming,' And Trump Deserves a Lot Of Credit For It

Liberal Millennials No Longer Buying That Booming Economy Is Due to Obama, Admit It's Trump's Doing
Amazon Is Planning To Open Up to 3,000 Cashier-Free Stores By 2021, Report Says
‘Truth in Accounting’ Awards 10 States “F” Grades
Drug Overdoses, Suicides Push Life Expectancy in U.S. Behind Other Developed Nations Revelation 9:21

Scholar: ‘Kinky People’ Should Be A Protected Class

Australians Are Warned By Police to Stay Out of Certain Areas as It Might Incite Muslims

Record $27.5 Million Settlement in NY Catholic Child Sex Abuse Case
Do We Still Need to Believe in Hell?

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