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MUST-READ of the Month: NKorea Already Has ~60 Nukes and Several “Super-EMP” Weapons – PLEASE download this report made to the House of Representatives and pass it on.

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Stan guests with Doug and Joe on The Hagmann Report, May 15. Listen

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In collaboration with Black Sea Jewelers, custom jeweler Kristina Groetsch (pictured) and Stan Deyo announce their Garden of Eden Collection, based on Stan's 2014 discovery of the actual Garden in Tanzania. Kristina, who comes from a long line of Bulgarian jewelers, perfectly captures the essence of this amazing exotic World Heritage Site.

All pieces in the collection are original designs and for authenticity, use only gems mined in that country for primary stones. Each creation represents an animal or artifact found in Africa's Garden of Eden. Besides the designs pictured and those on their site, many other pieces will be offered. Every stunning piece can be customized in various colors and weights of gold, as well as silver and platinum. Come and see more, and meet Kristina!

HOLLY NOTE: I was honored to receive the first piece in this collection on our 20th Anniversary. Stan and Kristina had worked on the unique design in secret. It arrived in a beautiful box compete with a real peacock feather, symbolic of their Garden of Eden Collection logo. I thought the stunning necklace was a sampling of what would be in the line and then was shocked to learn it was to commemorate our special day. Having seen this piece in person, I can share that these photos don't begin to do them justice!


The EMP Shield will protect your home or business against EMP threats from a nuclear bomb and by a massive solar eruption. EMP is the single worst threat to America. If you are new to this topic, see The EMP Threat and Solution Explained. It just made the front page of the Topeka Capital-Journal: "Working in Nanoseconds: Burlington Business Sees Potential in EMP Shield," or see screen snaps of page 1 and page 2.

Our EMP Shield is mighty!4x stronger than military grade – and just in time with all the reports of nuclear war and increased threats to the power grid! NOTE: This is a different project from the alternate energy device described above.

On Nov. 22, 2017, the EMP SHIELD received all accreditation from the Dept. of Defense EMP Shield testing lab in Pittsburg. Test results are available here. Professional testers tried their hardest to make it fail and it passed with flying colors. They were amazed! The EMP Shield is easy to install. Simple 2-page installation instructions here. If you're unfamiliar with the EMP Threat, watch Stan's video.

Contact Stan and he will send you a discount for a
$50 SAVINGS. This applies to multiple-unit orders saving $50 on each EMP Shield. Email Stan with EMP Shield in the subject line or use this: Once you receive the code, go to to place your order.

NEWS for MAY 18 – National Bike to Work Day

Pope Francis Demotes Jesus Christ to Third, and Claims Mary as the Source of Our Hope

North Korea Buying Time to Hide Nukes With Threat to Cancel U.S. Summit, Intel Officials Say

Emergency Situation in Israel as IDF Troops Deployed to All Borders!

Alarm Sounded in Golan Heights, Iron Dome Activated
57 Muslim Nations Urged to Besiege Israel With United Islamic Army Psalms 83:1-8
Bill Gertz Explains Chinese Spying on America and American Industry: ‘It’s a 3-Pronged Threat’ – Stealing $600 BILLION a Year

Astronomers Lost Track Of Nearly 900 Asteroids That Could Be on Deadly Collision Course With Earth

Relentless Rain to Raise Flood Risk in Eastern US Into This Weekend

It Will Be Months Before Lava From Hawaii Volcano Can Be Removed From Neighborhoods

Tornado Alley May Be on the Move; See Where It's Headed
Rare Tornado Leaves Trail of Destruction in Western Germany

Rare Gulf of Aden Tropical Cyclone to Bring Flood Risk to Yemen, Somalia
Puppy Lost in the Desert for 65 Days Shares Emotional Reunion With Her Owner

Cat Running Across a Baseball Field Triggers a Movement That Saved 38,000 Animals

When Fallen Officer’s Son Asks for Someone to Take Him to School, He’s Shocked to See 70 Cops Waiting

Waitress Stunned by $2,000 Mother’s Day Tip From Truck Driver, ‘I Thought I’d Just Help Her Out a Bit’
Radical Nanobattery Could Charge Your Phone in 5 SECONDS

8 Dead, Possible Bomb Found in Texas High School as Student Gunman Goes on Twisted Rampage: 1 Suspect in Custody, 1 Detained

White House Communications Staff Told Heads Will Soon Roll Over Press Leaks

Mueller STILL Trying – Agrees to Narrow Scope of Questions in Bid to Interview Trump

Trump: Obama FBI ‘Probably’ Had a Spy Inside Presidential Campaign – 'If So, This Is Bigger Than Watergate,' Trump Writes
Dems Did 'More Damage' to Democracy Than Russians 'Ever Contemplated'

Senate Confirms Gina Haspel to Lead CIA, First Woman to Hold Post

Senate to Take Up Sweeping VA Bill Ahead of Memorial Day
Trump: US Proceeding With North Korea Summit 'Like Nothing Happened'
Senators Who Voted Against Confirming Pompeo Beg For His Ear on Gaza

The Wait Is Over! (Not Really) DOJ Watchdog Completes Probe of Hillary Clinton: Still No Word on When the Results Will Be Released.
Report: Inspector General Will Declare FBI, DOJ Broke Law in Clinton Email Probe

President Trump Insults Animals

Pelosi Defends MS-13 'Animals': "We're All God's Children"

Sarah Sanders: White House: Liberals, Media Are Welcome to Defend ‘Disgusting’ MS-13 Gang
Pentagon Stands Firm: No Talk of Scaling Back U.S.-South Korean Military Drills
Mass. City Rescinds Order to Remove Anti-Warren ‘Fake Indian’ Campaign Signs

Doubt, Forgiveness, Confirmation and New Revelation About the Time We are In
Prophetic Word: God Is Releasing Healing Oil and Power to Bear Your Burdens

California Gov. (Moonbeam) Brown Signs Law to Protect ILLEGAL Immigrants

U.S. Resettling More Refugees Than the Population of Philadelphia

Government Spending for Illegal Immigrants Should Outrage ALL Americans
Trump Asks Sessions to Consider Prosecuting Oakland Mayor

Terror Recruits in U.S. Dry Up, Rout on Battlefield Tarnishes Allure For Young Targets of ISIS
'Palestinians' Sacrificing Babies to Score PR Points
Congress to Consider Recognition of Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights

US Thanks Guatemala, Urges Others to Move Embassies to Jerusalem
Paraguay to Open Embassy in Jerusalem Next Week
PROPHECY IN MOTION: Young French Jews Fleeing France in Droves as Islamic Anti-Semiti Reaches Unimaginable Levels Zechariah 12:3
Evidence That Planet X (Now 9) DOES Exist Piles Up as Experts Spot a Distant Object With an 'Extraordinary Orbit'

Huge Asteroid to Skim Past Earth on Day of Royal Wedding

Which Raw Bone for Your Dog – HOLLY NOTE: This article makes some good points, but under no circumstances do our dogs ever get poultry bones. Here are some other tips from our first 2 Kelpies of what not to eat. It may save your dog's life.

Guy Takes Advantage of Toys ‘R’ Us Closing Sale to Make Giant Ball Pit For His Dog in His Hallway – HOLLY NOTE: The sheer joy this Husky experiences once he gets the hang of it, will bring a smile to your face.

Pope Francis Hints He May Retire

Sounding More Like a King, Pope Francis Lashes Out With Another Stinging Critique of Global Capitalism

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