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Video of Day 1, 2, 3 All Democrats who claim border walls don't work should listen to this 4-minute proof on border security.
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NEWS for DEC 14: National Alabama Day

Stan and I are taking Christmas Eve off to be with family and friends.
Normal news posting resumes Dec. 26 unless a crisis hits.
Then we're 'all hands on deck', regardless of the date.

Illegal Immigration / Border Security has been a passion for the last 20 years when even before then, we witnessed early-on and firsthand what millions of illegal immigrants breaking our borders were doing, no, ARE doing to America. We dedicate at least 1 full column every day to this issue because it is THE single greatest threat to the freedom and sovereignty of our beloved nation.

Iran Promises to Restart Nuclear Work as Tehran Identified as Top Global Threat
Iranian Hackers Go After Nuclear Workers, US Officials And Think Tanks

Hundreds of Sex Abuse Allegations Found in Fundamental Baptist Churches Across U.S. – HOLLY NOTE: Encouragement to all Christians and Jews. Every week we see a new failing of church leaders, Catholic and Protestant clergy. Most singularly exposed is the Catholic priesthood with overwhelming numbers of homo-pedophelia – NOT the Catholic people. Protestant clergy too, are failing their congregations with affairs, sex, drugs, homosexual activities – exposed by relevant names in Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed. This was not a popular revelation.

It is to show where we are in End Times and time is so short my friends.

There is a special prophecy that reveals when End Times come about. The Bible says that 'that generation' (when Israel becomes a nation again) will see the culmination of End Times, which Israel did in May 1948. Now we have to figure out, how long do people normally live? What is their lifespan? How long is a generation?

God's time clock is always about the Hebrews. He chose them, for better or worse (for them), on which to reveal everything. They've been put upon like no other so when God says they are His chosen, they aren't escaping His punishment, but their activities reveal what's coming to the rest of the world. So pay attention. He chose them as His revelators.

We are at a pinnacle of choice, friends, whether you affiliate with those failing churches, or take worship into small groups as in Jesus' time that didn't do collections, but are immersed in the Word, seeking to understand Christ's teachings. Understanding God's word, Jesus' word and His commandments, aren't a head-twist. It is the Bible straight on. And like politics, many – Not all – churches have become skewed.

So pay attention to Israel. This is our most important Christian message to you, fellow believers. If you're busy with Christmas shopping, or flight plans, or dinner cooking, check your heart for when Christ speaks to you.
Del Monte Recalls More Than 60,000 Cases Of Fiesta Corn Due to Contamination

Farmer Slams Obama Overreach That Led to Huge Fine: 'It Cost Us 5 Million Bucks'

Harvard's $39B Endowment Is Secretly Acquiring California's Water Supply
Polio-Like Disease Spreads; Record Number of Cases Reported as Children Suffer Paralysis

484 Confirmed Cases of AFM since 2014 – HOLLY NOTE: It's odd that this disease surges in 2 year intervals and is highest in September.

Latest Flu Map

Suicide Rates Are Rising Across the US and the Numbers Are Not Subtle – HOLLY NOTE: As we near Christmas, the suicide rate tends to rise. If you have a neighbor who lives alone, a holiday invitation would never go astray.
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
Remarkable Vaccine Research Event Has Occurred: Reanalysis of CDC Data on Autism Incidence and Time of First MMR Vaccination
Report Finds UN Employs 3,300 Pedophiles, Responsible for 60,000 Rapes in Last 10 Years
Congo Ebola Outbreak Spreads to Cities, Threatens Rwanda

Trump Picks Mick Mulvaney As Acting Chief Of Staff

Strzok, Page Messages From Mueller Probe Lost After Phone Resets: IG – HOLLY NOTE: Not a sweat. They can get them from the NSA troll monster in Utah. Isn't it amazing that lawyers-government-officials worry about 'lost' emails, when the NSA has every breath every and step you take recorded. Literally. Even Google is doing it to you. Check this: Investigating Google's Tracking Capabilities

FBI Misses Deadline To Provide Docs To Judiciary Committee Probing Whistleblower Raid
Anti-Trump Dossier Author Was Hired To Help Hillary Challenge 2016 Election Results
News Poll: Pelosi, McConnell Face Ratings In The Tank Heading Into New Term

Maxine Waters' Campaign Debt to Daughter Jumps $90,000 to $183,000

Liberal Mag Pushes Constitution Change for 'President' Ocasio-Cortez

John Solomon: DIA Holds Document to Exonerate Gen. Flynn - Refuse to Release It
Boy Scouts of America Looks to Bankruptcy As Membership Falls, Lawsuits Mount
Richard Shelby: Congress Approaching Government Shutdown
Trump Urges Democrats to Avoid…

Obama Considered 850,000 of the 2 Million Gov't. Employees 'Non-Essential' 

Related: What Exactly is a Non-Essential Employee? "The so called ‘Shutdown’ is an anomaly because about 83% of the government is still running including Social Security, Medicare, airport security, the post office and the military."
Term Limit Fight Highlights Growing Pains For Pelosi’s Majority
Senate Votes Unanimously To Blame Saudi Crown Prince For Khashoggi Murder
Jewish Teacher Sues Catholic School After Pupils ‘Threw Coins at Him,’ Decorated Desks With ‘Swastikas and Anti-Jewish Language’
Chrislam Founder Rick Warren Partnering With Mosques to Teach That God and Allah Are the Same
Lamb & Lion Ministries: Why Do I Believe in a Pre-Trib Rapture?
In Venezuelan Crisis, Families Can't Even Afford To Properly Bury The Dead
Australia Real Estate WORST DROP In A Lifetime! Central Bank Suggests QE!
Australia Real Estate WORST DROP In A Lifetime! Central Bank Suggests QE!

Poland and Hungary Block ‘LGBTIQ Rights’ From Being Enshrined in EU Legislation
Black South African Politician Urges Followers to 'Kill Whites', Saying: 'We Will Kill Their Children and Their Women'
It May Soon Be ILLEGAL to Say ‘He’ or ‘She’ in Australia, as Political Correctness Hits Shocking New Low
Egyptian President: Migrants Must 'Abide by Laws, Customs, Traditions, and Culture' of the West

Sec'y of Homeland Security: We're Prioritizing Public Safety – HOLLY NOTE: For people as well-acquainted with border issues as we are, these numbers are shocking – and very concerning. Pres. Trump is correct again in what he said in 2016 during his election campaign and was absolutely castigated for speaking truth. Foreign countries aren't sending their cream; they are shoving into America their criminals. Evidence clear in Homeland Security's just-released data:
90% of Illegal Aliens Arrested Had Criminal Convictions, Pending Criminal Charges
Nearly 50% Increase in Arrests of Illegal Aliens With Criminal Histories AND there is a
10% Increase in Arrests and Deportations of Illegal Aliens

Understandably people want to tune out the constant political bickering, especially around Christmas and Hanukkah, but this extremely bad element continuing to flood into America should worry every citizen and especially every parent. These are rapists, murders, drunkards, the low-end of the spectrum humanity.

Yes, there are some migrants with legitimate asylum claims, though few (90% are NOT legitimate), and we can't continue to have wide open borders based on sentiment.

A lot of these people come from countries and areas where violence, rape and murder are a way of life, and they bring this culture with them, like it or not. Calling a spade a spade.

We need that wall and if people still believe leftist propaganda that walls don't bar undesirables, we urge you to take 4 minutes and view Video of the Day #3. This has now become a true tale of Barbarians at the Gate and Katie Bar the Door. Sayin' it real.
Tijuana Official: Some Caravan Migrants Breaking Into Homes

Misguided, Uninformed Bishop Says Stop Turning Away The Caravan
1,700 US Troops at Mexico Border Sent Home Because Much of Their Mission 'Complete,' Officials Say

Sticker Shock: The Cost of a Border Wall vs. the Cost of Illegal ImmigrationEvery Illegal Alien Costs US Txpayers $74,722 and That's Not Counting Unborn Children. For Every 100,000 Illegals Deterred By a Wall, It Saves Taxpayers $7.5 BILLION
US Border Crisis: 100,000 Illegal Immigrants in 60 Days – Smuggling Groups Exploit Loopholes in US Immigration Laws Amid Congressional Inaction

Border Patrol Chief: Current Border Barriers Not Good Enough

Donald Trump: Democrats Blocking Wall to Spite Him
POTUS Trump Releases Video Showing Hypocrites Schumer, Obama and Hillary Pushing Border Security
Trump May Build More Tent Cities Amid Skyrocketing Illegal Immigration

Trump Increases Arrests of Illegal Alien Hires by 640%
Dems, Progressives Quick to Politicize Death of Migrant Girl In Border Patrol Custody
Homeland Security Reiterates Dangers Of Illegal Border Crossing After Migrant Girl, 7, Reported Dead
Former Mayor of Shiloh, Israel: Border Wall Cut Down Illegal Immigration to ZERO in 2017 – HOLLY NOTE: For all the Democrats who claim border walls don't work should listen to this 4-minute proof on border security.

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